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By David and Aimee Thurlo

Forge Books (October 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0-765-30442-2

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

BLOOD RETRIBUTION isthe second in a series featuring Lee Nez, a Navajo vampire who is also a New Mexico State policeman. Lee was turned into a nightwalker or vampire in the early 40's. Luckily he was helped by a local medicine man who halted some of the vampire effects.

In the previous book Lee worked with an FBI agent named Diane Lopez. During that case Diane discovered his secret but agreed not to turn him in. She helps Lee hunt down skinwalkers, who are Indian shapes shifters who can take on the shape of animals at night in order to hunt and kill. Diane's former partner had been killed by a skinwalker.

In BLOOD RETRIBUTION Lee and Diane are called in to work together when two undercover officers are discovered murdered. The officers had been investigating a case of gem smuggling from Mexico. Soon Lee and Diane discover that the smugglers may also be skinwalkers and that among them is a skinwalker that looks remarkably like Lee's long dead wife. The suspense mounts as they try to stop this band ofsmugglers and stay alive while doing it.

Aimee and David once again bring to life the Navajo people, their beliefs and legendsin conjunction with the tales of the Nightwalker and Skinwalkers.

The Thurlos have a good understanding of the Native American Navajo and bring it to light in both their series. I really enjoy the supernatural aspect of this series and look forward to more books featuring Lee Nez.

The authors have written numerous books. The first title in the Lee Nez series is SECOND SUNRISE (Forge Books, 2002). For a list of other titles by these authors, please click here.

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