New stories of the Great Detective

By Lyn McConchie

Wildside Press, September 2013 ($14.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1479401505

Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(May, 2014)

I like books and stories with a "what if" slant. In this case, the stories revolve around previous customers of Sherlock Holmes who now have further need of the great detective's services. What an intriguing idea! Of course some of the detective's clients might have found themselves in need of further consultations about other matters. What a clever premise for these 14 stories. (Twelve of the stories have never been published before, which is a bit unusual, I think, in collections being published these days.)

I thoroughly enjoyed these stories however; I should probably admit that I have never read any of the Conan Doyle stories. My introduction to Sherlock Holmes was via the Granada production of the TV series starring Jeremy Brett. And of course, I had seen the Basil Rathbone movies when I was a kid.

I think Holmes fans both of the literary and movie or television medium will find much to savor in SHERLOCK HOLMES: REPEAT BUSINESS.

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