REMEMBER ME (2014) British TV mini-series



Director(s): Ashley Pearce

Creator/Writer: Gwyneth Hughes

Cast: Michael Palin, Mark Addy, Jodie Comer, Julia Sawalha…

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA): PG-13

Runtime: 240 minutes (Three 60-minute episodes)

Genres: Drama/Mystery/Horror

List Price: $19.99

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(November, 2017)


Tom Parfitt is a lonely “80-odd” year old gentleman who fakes a fall in his house so his social worker will feel compelled to move him to an assisted care facility. The story is set in the bleak, and often rain-soaked Yorkshire district.

Remember Me is an eerie tale, part ghost story, part murder mystery. Tom’s past is tragic, his present, unsettled, and his future precarious.

Now before you say, “I don’t believe in ghosts…” let me caution that if you are stubborn enough and willing to read more into the story than is perhaps actually there, you can make a case for this not being a ghost story. Throughout the story, the only people who witness evidence of the ghost are emotionally fragile people.

I was pleasantly surprised at how engrossing this atmospheric tale was. Michael Palin was excellent as a slightly befuddled old gent. Mark Addy portrayed the burned-out cop quite well yet it was Jodi Comer who played Hannah, who really carried the weight of the film as the sincere and frightened young care giver’s assistant who befriended Tom. Excellent as Palin’s performance was, if the role of Hannah had been miscast, this tale would have fallen flat.

As soon as the third episode ended, I wanted to watch the entire series again.

One key element of the story is the importance of the lyrics of a traditional folk song, “Scarborough Fair.”  Now if you are the age of 60-plus, this song may come to haunt you. There are hundreds of versions but I am most familiar with the Simon & Garfunkel version which is not the version rendered in Remember Me. But the Simon & Garfunkel version is stuck in my head and I’ve torn apart our CD collection, to no avail, looking for a copy of it so I might listen to the version I know best…and then get it out of my head!


Remember Me aired on PBS.

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