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By Stephen Woodworth

Bantam Dell, December 28th, 2004
ISBN: 0-553-58645-9

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

WITH RED HANDS is Stephen Woodworth's exciting sequel to THROUGH VIOLET EYES. In the previous book the reader metthe Violets, a gifted groupof people born with violet eyes and the ability to channel the souls of the dead.

In WITH RED HANDSa character from the previous novel, Natalie Lindstrom, has decided after her previous struggle with a serial killer, to leave the government sponsored group and raise her five-year-old daughter on her own.

Natalie has chosen to make her living channeling for the public and keep her life as private as possible. She soon finds this may be impossible when a well known murder case comes to trial and it appears that the violet the government has put on thewitness stand is lying.

This is something that was before thought impossible. Natalie is asked to help determine if lies are being told and how that is possible.

Winding through the story is the story of Natalie's youth, her mother's insanity and the reappearanceof "The Thrasher," aserial killer who was executed on her mother's testimony but who seemingly droveher to be institutionalized.

I liked the first book, THROUGH VIOLET EYES and I loved WITH RED HANDS. Stephen Woodworth has created characters that this reader likes and wants to know more about. Please bring on the next book featuring the violets.

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