By Andrew Gross

Harper, Reprint Edition, February, 2011 ($9.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0061656019

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Private Investigator and ex-cop Ty Hauck is shocked to learn that the most recent victims of what is believed to be a series of break-ins were an old friend of his and her husband. As in some of the other cases, the brutally murdered couple were members of a high-class neighborhood and it is believed that the motive of their killings was theft. Ty feels there is more to it and is convinced that those deaths were not simply robberies gone wrong but actual murders. The question is, why would someone want to kill some of the most preeminent financial executives in the country? And, most important, how will he be able to take part in the investigation if he is not working for the police department anymore?

Meanwhile, working as a private investigator, Ty is approached by a woman who happens to be the ex-wife of another important businessman, and she has requested he look into her boyfriend's identity, since she believes he might not be who he claims to be.

As Ty reluctantly investigates the man, thinking this is just a boring task, he finds that maybe both cases might be connected, and this is where things start getting out of control. He realizes his own life might be in danger and he doesn't know who he can trust anymore.

This is a hard-to-put-down thriller in which terrorism, national security, betrayal and even friendship play an important role. After reading this book, I have definitely put Andrew Gross on my list of authors to consider when picking up a thriller! Highly recommended.

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