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A Bellehaven House Mystery
By Rebecca Kent

Berkley Prime Crime, June 3, 2008 ($6.99)
ISBN-10: 0425222047
ISBN-13: 978-0425222041

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

HIGH MARKS FOR MURDER is the first in a new series introducing the Bellehaven Finishing School, located in the English Cotswolds and run by Headmistress Meredith Llewellyn. The staff are tasked with turning energetic adolescents into respectable young ladies. A task that is sometimes quite challenging, considering the times in the "real world" are changing so quickly. "Many of the pupils would rather chain themselves to fences in protest for women's rights than walk across a room with a book on their heads."

Suddenly the outside world intrudes into the peaceful grounds of the school's garden. One of the teachers meets an untimely death. At first it is thought to be a tragic accident but in reality it was murder. There seems no one capable of solving the mysterious death so the headmistress steps in and takes matters to hand.

Seen only by the headmistress, a ghostly apparition of the dead woman appears to be trying to give clues to identify her killer. Unfortunatley, the headmistress doesn't understand the meaning of the clues.

This atmospheric tale will delight cozy readers. Just imagine, it was a dark and stormy night...

Rebecca Kent is the pseudonym of Kate Kingsbury. Fans of Kingsbury will remember her for the popular Pennyfoot Hotel series and Manor House series.

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