By Robert B. Parker

Berkley reprint, October, 2008 ($9.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425224147

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

This book is one of the many books belonging to the Spenser series written by Robert B. Parker. Although I normally like to read a series in order, this time I read this book without having any previous background. I had never read anything by the author before, and I chose this book because the plot was really appealing. Still, once I got to it, I need to say I was rather disappointed.

The premise of the story was great. A private investigator (Spenser) is hired by a man to follow his wife. The client doesn't think his wife is having an affair, but thinks she is into something suspicious. Spenser follows the lady and in the first pages of the book he discovers that she is actually cheating on her husband. Some days later, both the client and the wife are found murdered. There is no real "whodunit" because since the early stages of the story it is said who is behind these acts and actually the whole book is about how Spenser chases the man.

Not only the lack of suspense is disappointing in this book, but the writing style itself was not my favorite. The excessive use of dialogue even when it is not necessary makes you feel as if you were actually reading the script for a play and at some point it can even become annoying. Maybe I should give Mr. Parker another try, but so far I just know I was expecting much more from him.

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