By Adrian Ludens

If Mr. Kasey had been struck by a branch during the storm, the rains would have washed his blood away. The blood on the grass places the crime after the storm, perhaps during a heated argument about the tree. Mr. Odens claims the tree could have fallen during the storm, but the stump is smooth, indicating it had been sawed. Perhaps Odens wanted the tree gone so his garden could get more sun. Odens may have hoped to fool his neighbor, but Kasey apparently confronted him in the act. A warrant and further questioning are certainly appropriate here.

Adrian Ludens is a mystery and horror author from Rapid City, SD. His debut collection, BEDTIME STORIES FOR CARRION BEETLES is available in a variety of formats from Amazon and Smashwords. Also on Amazon is a collaboration with two other South Dakota-based authors called GRUESOME FACES, GHASTLY PLACES, a collection of horror and suspense. For more information, a cover gallery, and more visit
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