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By Sean Doolittle

Dell, 2005 ($6.99)
ISBN: 0440242819

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Sean Doolittle is relatively new on the mystery scene. With RAIN DOGS, he tells the story of Tom Coleman who’s lost both his child and his marriage, and now Tom’s moved from Chicago back to run his grandfather’s camp in Nebraska. Along the way, he encounters his first love, a bully cop, DEA agents on the prowl for crank cooks, and missing pseudophedrine (a prime ingredient in meth) all in his little corner of the world.

Doolittle has an imaginative voice and the tale is well told. There were some bumpy spots for the reader, particularly towards the end and the trek across a few states to retrieve a wayward boy. But, Sean Doolittle’s voice and his imagery both carry the tale, and make it well worth reading.

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