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By Spencer Quinn

Atria, January 2010 ($25.00)
ISBN-10: 1416585850
ISBN-13: 978-1416585855

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Chet (and Bernie) are back!

Lots of great detectives have a side-kick, right? Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson. Chet has Bernie. Erh, I mean, Bernie has Chet... Just to remind you, Chet is the dog (and narrator), Bernie is the (human) P.I. and together, they're one dynamic team.

This crime-solving duo is amusing, charming, and on the case of a pampered show dog named "Princess" (What else?!?) who has been receiving threats. Called on to investigate the threats, things take an unexpected turn when "Princess" and her owner are abducted.

Chet gets a glimpse of the seedy side of the show dog business.

The author's writing style is engaging. Readers will quickly be immersed in Chet (and Bernie's) new case. It's a great blend of humor and suspense. Most readers will become instant fans of the series.

DOG ON IT was the first book in the Chet and Bernie series. Click here to read a review.

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