By Elizabeth Craig

Signet, June, 2012 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0451237330

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Beatrice Coleman, who is a recently retired folk art curator, decides to leave Atlanta to move closer to her daughter who lives in Dappled Hills, North Carolina. In the beginning this little town seems quite peaceful (maybe too much for her), until a murder takes place and everybody starts suspecting their neighbors. As a new member of the Village Quilters guild, Beatrice has the chance to meet several of the neighbors and starts investigating the murder herself. Who would have wanted to murder one of their fellow quilters? Why would somebody leave threatening notes to make Beatrice's stop asking questions? If Beatrice doesn't find the answers quickly she might be the next victim.

QUILT OR INNOCENCE is the first book in the Southern Quilting series. It is a really good debut and definitely honors the cozy mystery genre. Although I found it somewhat predictable (I was barely halfway through when I had already figured out who the murderer was), I still found the book a very nice and relaxing read. Characters are very well defined and the setting is just perfect.

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