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By Ron Querry

Bantam, Trade paper edition, 336 pages, (May, 1999) $10.95

Reviewed by Sue Johnson (11/99)

Push Foster has just arrived in the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona, near Four Corners. He is a commissioned officer in the Untied States Health Services and this is the beginning of a two year stint for him at the Lukachukai Health Station.

His real name is Pushmatha Foster. He is what is known as a "Breed." He is of mixed blood heritage. His mother was a Choctaw, his father a white man he cannot remember. He was raised in South Central Oklahoma.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Push is immediately struck with a desperate case. A young woman who was healthy that morning is now in serious respiratory distress. It would appear she is actually drowning in her own fluid. What has caused this young woman to become so seriously sick in such a short period of time?

Soon Push is contacted by Dr. Sonny Brokeshoulder, a friend who attended the same medical school. Dr. Brokeshoulder also has a case like this and is hearing of the mysterious illness from other sections of the reservation as well.

The Indian Culture is heavy into mysticism. The natives believe that this is the work of a witch. Can Push solve this mystery before it claims other Navajo lives?

In the book Push comes face to face with his heritage and must come to accept things he cannot explain.

This book was rich in the landscape and culture of the Southwestern Indians, especially those closely associated with the northeastern Arizona area.

Ron Querry has been compared to Tony Hillerman but other than the fact that they both write about the Southwestern area and its Native People's I could not make the comparison. Both Querry and Hillerman are good authors but each tells the story in his own unique way.


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