By JoŽl Dicker

Penguin Books, May 27, 2014 ($18.00)

ISBN-13: 978-0143126683

Kindle Format ($9.99)

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez
(May, 2014)

Thirty years after her sudden disappearance, the body of fifteen-year-old Nola Kellergan is found buried in the backyard of Harry Quebert's house. Harry then becomes the prime suspect of the unsolved crime, not only because the body was found on his property, but also because along with the body, they also found a manuscript of the famous book which rendered him the most important writer of the time.

After the story hits the news, writer Marcus Goldman, who had been Quebert's mentee and friend, travels to Aurora, New Hampshire, to help his former mentor clear his name. Meanwhile, the scandal gets thicker and Goldman's agent suggests he formally interview Quebert and write a book about his story. Goldman knows this could be a major breakthrough in his career, but is not sure he wants to do it at the expense of what Quebert is going through. Still, Quebert himself authorizes him to write the story since he knows Goldman will stick to the truth and will not manipulate the facts for the sake of publicity as many other journalists are trying to do.

This book is like a door-stopper, but once you start reading it you won't even feel it. The story is truly engaging, and as the plot evolves, things become more complicated and you won't really see the end coming. I truly think this is a marvelous literary piece; but if you are expecting a dark, gory thriller in the style of Scandinavian writers, you won't find it here. Some of the dialogues are even hilarious, and the story reads just like if it were any fiction tale. Other reviewers over the internet have mentioned that the writing or the use of language is not good or is very basic. I must say I read the Spanish version of this book and I just found it awesome. I just hope the same depth and meaning of the expressions are being kept throughout the various translations.

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