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The Heart of a Dark Matter
By Peter Straub

Pegasus July 20, 2010 ($12.95)
ISBN-10: 1605981028
ISBN-13: 978-1605981024

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Many authors have written about the nature of evil. Is one born a serial killer or is one taught to be a serial killer by circumstances and societal influences?

A SPECIAL PLACE introduces the reader to Keith Hayward, a young boy with a fascination for death, and his uncle Till, a shadowy figure who is eager to mentor the lad in the fine art of not getting caught. It's a disturbing tale but a fascinating one. Readers may find it difficult to decide which came first..."the chicken or the egg," or in this case, the serial killer.

The novella length is perfect. It leaves the reader wanting to know more about Keith Hayward and his Uncle Till. I am hoping the author will revisit these two characters either together or individuially. Both are worthy of more exploration.

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