Director:  Ding Sheng

Writer: Ding Sheng

Cast: Jackie Chan, Ye Liu, Tian Jing…

Runtime: 110 minutes

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Language: Cantonese, English (depending upon version, English subtitles or dubbed in English)

Rated: Not Rated

Price: $29.98



Reviewed by Larry Jung
(May, 2016)


Captain Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) is tricked into meeting his estranged daughter Miao Miao (Tian Jing) at popular club Wu Bar in the city's entertainment district. Once inside he and a select group, including his daughter, are held as ransom by the bar owner Wu Jiang (Ye Liu)

The story begins to bog down with the hostage taker playing a cat and mouse game with Zhong, who is tied to a chair bolted to the floor.

Jackie Chan is better as an action hero than character actor.  There is no chemistry between Zhong and Wu.  The cast are talking heads marking time till the end of the movie not generating any suspense or tension.

Probably sensing the story grinding to a halt, Director Ding Sheng scatters along the way high-energy action scenes as flashbacks.  They are a distraction from the main hostage story. In one lengthy flashback, Zhong is in a car chase and is shot by the bad guys. He manages to stop the fleeing bad guys and save a little girl.  Another flashback has Zhong in a hand-to-hand fight in a train yard.  They show Jack Chan can still kick butt (he was 59 went the movie was released). But, for me, they added nothing to the suspense of the main story line.  The movie struggles along with limited opportunities for Jackie Chan to kick butt and when he does, the situation feels forced and predictable.

One reviewer said it best, POLICE STORY:  LOCKDOWN with a few changes might have been a good psychological cat-and-mouse story if it had a strong cast and not forced to be a Jackie Chan movie.  Unless you are a diehard Jackie Chan fan, you can pass this one up.

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