By Phoef Sutton


Publisher: Prospect Park Books  (February, 2018)
Format: Paperback
Price: $16.00
ISBN-13: 978-1945551109
Kindle edition: $11.99

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(February, 2018)


FROM AWAY is a standalone ghost story, not in any way connected to the author’s popular Crush series. Readers who abhor elements of the supernatural in their mysteries may not find this book appealing. Personally, I find elements of the supernatural or preternatural completely acceptable in mysteries as long as it is done well…and this author does it very well.

Too many details given here would spoil the rich experience a reader should explore on their own. Suffice it to say, the surviving members of a family a young man, his sister, and her four-year-old daughter travel to their family’s summer home on remote Fox Island in Maine at Christmastime where they encounter ghosts from the past.

I found FROM AWAY suspenseful and compelling reading.


Phoef Sutton is author of the popular Crush mystery series, CRUSH (2015), HEART ATTACK & VINE (2016), and COLORADO BOULEVARD (2017). 

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