By Adam Walker Phillips


Publisher:  Prospect Park Books (January, 2018)
Format: Trade paperback
Price: $16.00
ISBN-13: 978-1-945551-12-3
Kindle edition: $9.99

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(February, 2018)


Charlie Restic, the burned-out HR manager at a large corporation in Los Angeles who was first introduced to eager readers in THE SILENT SECOND (2017) returns in an equally enjoyable second adventure. He is summoned to an address in Chinatown where he receives a substantial monetary offer to find a wealthy man’s granddaughter who has recently gone missing.

Though an HR manager may seem like an unlikely detective, the author has created a smart, engaging investigator and endowed him with a wry sense of humor. Charlie Restic is a refreshing addition to amateur sleuthing.

THE PERPETUAL SUMMER is a fast-paced, fun read.

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