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By Dave Pratt

PublishAmerica (2005) $19.95
ISBN: 1413796931

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Wilkes Memorial Hospital, Olympia, Washington. A routine audit reveals more than the hospital would like revealed. Suspicious patient deaths, fraud, murder...

Bill Deming is a retired military medical intelligence officer turned financial consultant, based in California. He and Alex, his "chunky" yellow lab (as in dog) have driven up to Washington state for his next assignment, the so called "routine" audit of Wilkes Memorial. It's a bit of a home-coming trip, as well, since Deming grew up in Lakewood, near Tacoma, Washington. Lakewood is about a thirty minute drive northeast of Olympia (depending upon weather and traffic conditions).

The author draws on his experience in military medical intelligence and hospital administration to present a fast-paced thriller that will keep many readers turning the pages as fast as they can, without skipping a single sentence or word of the text.

The main characters are fairly well drawn and the author tells a pleasing tale. My only quibble is that the actual writing isn't as polished as it could have been. It's difficult to pick anything out in particular, yet in reading the book it just felt as if the text needed a bit more work and then the story would have moved from being okay to outstanding. Bill Deming and Alex will certainly be welcomed by readers when they return in the next novel and I will no doubt pick up a copy to read. I think the author has the potential to develop his writing skills and develop a long-running and enjoyable series with Bill and Alex.

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