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By Dorothy Gilman

Ballantine, March 2000

Reviewed by J. Ashley

The latest installment in this series finds Mrs. Pollifax, secret weapon of the CIA, heading off to Syria to find a missing American woman who had heroically saved a planeload of people from hijackers. Mrs. Pollifax teams up with Farrell, a sidekick from other adventures, and they begin their search through Syria with the help of a cab-driver and errand boys. Throughout the adventure, Mrs. P. puzzles over the mysterious behavior of the missing girl and what her apparent kidnaping might mean.

Fans of Mrs. Pollifax will most likely enjoy her latest adventure, in which Mrs. P. is her usual canny, heroic self. I found the book, unfortunately, predictable, with too few twists or turns. The plot followed convention, without any surprises.

The author did her research, and Syria is presented in vivid detail, but the bland plot and uninteresting villains didn't do much to sustain my interest.

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