By L. J. Sellers


Publisher:  Thomas & Mercer (January, 2016)
Price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1503951495

Kindle edition: $4.99


Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(June, 2017)


The kidnappings of several scientists appear to be unrelated until FBI Agent Andra Bailey connects the disappearances with a scarcity of rare metals in China and a complex plot which will ultimately impact the production of cell phones. Agent Bailey is a high-functioning sociopath.

I’ve known a few sociopaths so I was intrigued that an author would choose to write the protagonist of a book as not only a sociopath but one who knows what she is…and has chosen a career in law enforcement; as an FBI agent, no less.

Sadly, I was disappointed with this book mainly because I never warmed up to the main character.


Other series by this popular and highly regarded author include the Detective Wade Jackson series and the Agent Dallas series. She also writes stand-alone thriller books.

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