By Laura Childs


Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime (March, 2018)
Format: Hardcover
Price: $26
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-48960-9

Kindle edition: $12.99

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A Tea Shop Mystery (Book 19)


Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(September, 2018)


Two dozen tall sailing ships paraded across the water in Charleston Harbor as delighted onlookers enjoyed the evening spectacle during the Gaslights and Galleons celebration.  Theodosia Browning, proprietress of the Indigo Tea Shop, was savoring the view, along with her tea sommelier, Drayton, from high atop the widow’s walk of their friend Timothy’s mansion. Suddenly, the revelers are startled by loud cannon volleys from the passing sailing ships, a woman screams, and a man falls over the railing to the ground, three floors below…

What appears to be an unfortunate accident, may not be.

While Detective Tidwell, the head of Charleston’s Robbery and Homicide Division, would clearly like Theodosia to mind her own business and stay out of his case, her friend Timothy enlists her to charm information out of the people on his guest list and…someone not on the guest list who had a grudge against the victim.

Fans of cozy mysteries will thoroughly enjoy PLUM TEA CRAZY. The author has a breezy, engaging writing style. Though this is the 19th entry in this popular, long-running series, readers new to the series can begin with this book. The book is engaging from page one. New and longtime fans will find much to savor in this Tea Shop adventure.


In addition to the Tea Shop Mysteries, the author also writes the popular Scrapbooking Mysteries series and the popular Cackleberry Club mysteries. She also writes the Afton Tangler thrillers as Gerry Schmitt.

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