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PLAYING DEAD: a Hollywood novel
By Lindsay Maracotta

William Morrow & Company, (January, 1999) Hardcover, 288 pages. $24.00
ISBN: 0-688-15867-6

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Lucy Freers lives amid all the glamour of Hollywood. Her husband is a Hollywood producer. Her daughter, Chloe, attends a luxurious, private school called Windemere Academy. Lucy does an animation series that has become wildly popular. Lucy is in the early stages of her next pregnancy and has recently hired a male Nanny to help with her home. The new Nanny, Brandon, is a former documentary filmmaker.

So when Brandon is found murdered, in her husband's car, it is uncertain who the intended victim was. Even more chilling is the videotape Lucy finds hidden among Brandon things. It seems to show an act of murder...with a young child as the murderer.

Although the police scoff at Lucy's discovery she feels that the film has a direct lead to why Brandon was murdered. She must find out who the young actor was in the film and solve Brandon's death.

Scattered among the pages of this book is a direct look into some of the social idiocies that make up Hollywood, and the lives of the rich and famous who live there.

I found myself trying to decide just which actor or actress could fill the roles of the people she came in touch with.

A very pleasant and easy read.

Other titles by this author include: THE DEAD CELEB and THE DEAD HOLLYWOOD MOMS SOCIETY. The author has written for feature films and television.

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