By Peter DiChellis

The tavern patron’s call. He saw the suspected killer walking uphill, toward the diner’s hilltop location, shortly before the crime happened. He also said the man was stocky and looked strong, important because the murder weapon weighed 20 lbs and Peppercorn was tall and athletic.

In contrast, the skinny little jailbird ran downhill, away from the diner, right after 10pm. But Peppercorn called his wife at 10:10pm. So even if he could wield the heavy weapon against the victim, the jailbird wouldn't have time to fight Peppercorn, ransack the diner, wipe his fingerprints, and run away by just after 10pm.

Finally, Peppercorn’s wife was playing in a checkers tournament, a solid alibi. The other calls were cranks.

Peter DiChellis writes mystery and suspense stories. His sinister and sometimes comedic tales appear in anthologies, ezines, and magazines. He is a member of the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and an Active member of the Private Eye Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. For more, visit his site Murder and Fries at

Three of the author’s stories have appeared at omdb! – “The Owl Clock Murder” (also featuring Detective Janessa Ann Harley, December 2014), “Soliciting Misery” (October 2015), and “Still a Good Man” (November, 2013).

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