By Tom Piccirilli

Write Way Publishing, 1999

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Zebediah Crummler, child-like caretaker of Felicity Grove’s cemetery, is accused of murdering Teddy Harnes, son of one of the major citizens of the town. The sherriff is sympathetic, but Zeb was found standing over the body, covered in the dead man's blood. Jon Kendrick, friend of the gentle man who watches over the graves of his loved ones and talks with their spirits, tries to help Zeb and find the truth. Zeb is locked up in Panecraft Asylum, the grim institution casting its shadow over the town for decades.

Jon’s grandmother, a "lady of silver rarity," encourages him and serves as his conscience. Intertwined in the story is Jon’s dilemma - stay in the City with his rare bookstore or move back to the tiny town and share a storefront with Katy, his new lady love.

Zeb speaks in riddles and incomprehensible prose, but the truth is hidden somewhere in his words.

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