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By Bill Fitzhugh

Avon, March 1998

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

The main character in this book is Bob Dillion, a New York exterminator. Bob has gotten tired of using dangerous chemicals to kill the pest. So he has come up with a unique and ingenious solution to the problem. He wants to breed predatory strains of insects that will feast on roaches and termites without the use of poisons or the necessity to flood the area with hazardous toxins.

To promote his new business Bob sends out a few flyers listing himself as a professional exterminator. Unfortunately one of the flyers falls into the hands of a rather unsavory character who is looking to hire an assassin.

What follows could truly be called a comedy of errors.

This book was a fun and hilarious read with many twists and turns along the way for poor Mr. Dillion. I have added Bill Fitzhugh to my lists of authors to be on the look out for.

Other titles by this author include: THE ORGAN GRINDERS and CROSS DRESSING.

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