By Thomas Perry

Ivy Books, 1997

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Jane Whitefield, a Seneca woman who for ten years has helped people in danger to escape to a new life, has decided that Pete Hatcher will be her last case. After she helps the likable casino executive escape from employers who think he knows too much for his own good, she returns to New York to marry Dr. Carey McKinnon, promising him that her dangerous career is over.

A frantic message from Pete three months later gives her feelings of guilt that she’d hurried him into his new life without preparing him properly, and sends her on the road again. She learns that Hatcher’s Las Vegas bosses have hired a duo of contract killers whose skills rival her own. She and her client are soon fleeing for their lives through the Rocky Mountains, trailed by an enemy who anticipates their every move with seemingly supernatural skills.

Interwoven with the physical danger is fear for her new marriage, and uncertainty about whether it was a terrible mistake. Carey, too, is drawn into the intrigue, and is forced to see a side of Jane he may not be able to accept.

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