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By John Saul

Ballantine Books (August 23, 2005) Hardcover
ISBN: 0345467310

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Kara and Steve Marshall are living the American dream. They have decided to sell their home in Long Island and move to Manhattan because Steve has gotten a much better job. Their teenage daughter Lindsey is not happy. She wants to stay in Long Island and finish school where she is a cheerleader and all her childhood friends are close. The family works hard to come to a mutual agreement and make everyone happy. Lindsey agrees but is not overjoyed.

Finally the family seems to settle, although Lindsay is still not happy and they begin the task of selling their home and looking for a new place in Manhattan. Real estate agents are called and they began showing the house in an Open House type setting. Lindsay is even more unhappy when they begin showing the house because she feels like someone is going through her private things when the open house is being shown.

When Lindsey disappears her family realizes that her fears may have been true and focus all their energy on finding her. It does little for their minds when they realize that a young mother and later another teenage girl have also been abducted after having their homes shown. Could this be the work of a serial predator?

John Saul takes an everyday occurrence like the selling of your home and makes it horrifying. People walking through during an open house, they have access to your lives and could become obsessed with some aspect. Saul is the master at making the ordinary spooky.

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