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By Dwain S. Tucker

Xlibris, Corp., March 26, 2011 ($19.99)
ISBN-10: 1456885421
ISBN-13: 978-1456885427

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

For nearly four decades, a rumor had dogged the author's family. Did his grandfather have something to do with his grandmother's death? Was she, in fact, murdered? Or did she die in the way he had been told? PEEPEYES chronicles Mr. Tucker's search for answers.

The unraveling of the mystery surrounding Nell Tucker's death makes for fascinating reading. It's not just a story about one family and what happened a long time ago. It's about a time and place in our history as a nation. Kudos to Mr. Tucker for beginning his quest to know the truth, or as much of it as he could uncover, regarding his grandmother's death and for continuing the quest even when he wasn't sure he would find the answers he was lokking for or like the answers he found.

Reading PEEPEYES brought back memories of my own family's tainted history. We know that one of my distant uncles was hanged as a horse thief and that my great-great or maybe great-great-great grandmother once hid Jesse James under the floor boards of her kitchen when the sheriff came a callin'. (But we don't know if she hid him willingly.)

I think most readers will find PEEPEYES mesmerizing and inspiring tale. It is a journey of discovery.

In the author's own words, he describes the reason for this book. "I wanted to describe an individual (myself) experiencing the discovery of how an extraordinary, bizarre mystery happened in a rather normal, Midwest family."

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