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By Donna Andrews

Minotaur Books, January, 2000 $5.99

Reviewed by Karen Meek

Donna Andrews has created some intriguing characters and I look forward to seeing them in a follow up novel, hopefully sans weddings.

Meg Langslow had been persuaded to be matron of honour at three weddings which are taking place in the space of three weeks in July, in the hot South. I'm not sure why a matron of honour would take several months off work to arrange the weddings of her friend, her brother's fiancée, as well as her own mother's, but she does.

Meg spends a lot of the time going to the dress shop, ordering invitations, not to mention finding the eponymous peacocks and other such wedding arrangements. Meg is disappointed that the dress shop's manager, drop dead gorgeous Michael (I kept thinking of Michael T Weiss from The Pretender), is gay however they strike up a good friendship and are almost inseparable.

All is going as well it can be under these trying circumstances until Mrs Grover, Meg's mother's fiancé's ex-sister-in-law turns up. She appears to have the dirt on everyone and is soon universally loathed. It is not long before her body is found at the bottom of a cliff. Meg's father, a retired doctor, soon announces that there must have been foul play and becomes the target for the murderer.

Overall this read more like a romance with slap stick comedy and a wee bit of a mystery thrown in. Nonetheless I enjoyed it and it kept me turning the pages quickly. There are a few loose ends left and certain revelations didn't come a moment too soon (!) but I recommend it, especially if you need cheering up.

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