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By Patrick A. Davis

Pocket Books, 2003 ($6.99)
ISBN: 0743474295

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

A LONG DAY FOR DYING is the latest mystery involving former Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) agent Martin Collins. This is almost a classical locked room mystery. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is found dead in the locked, private compartment of his personal airplane. The accident is ruled a murder, and the suspects in the murder are the three members of the Joint Chiefs aboard the aircraft, all of whom have a reason to kill the late Chief of Staff. The military is under pressure from the politicians to quickly resolve the matter, and the Air Force decides to call in its on-call consultant, Martin Collins. Collins is a retired OSI agent, and chief of a small town police department who is routinely called in on sensitive and politically volatile homicide investigations (THE GENERAL, THE COLONEL).

Collinsís investigation leads to the heart of military-political power at the Pentagon as well as back to old ghosts rattling in people's closets, including a horrible mistake the dead General made during war that cost American soldiers their lives. However, thatís not the only ghost in the closet of the deceased, nor in the past of all of the suspects.

Patrick A. Davis has carved his unique niche in the military-justice-thrillers with his Martin Collins character.

As should be, with all locked room mysteries, the puzzle of how the murder happened is very well plotted and told.

Other titles in this series include THE GENERAL, THE COLONEL, and A SLOW WALK TO HELL. Would you like to read a review of THE GENERAL?

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