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Divorce Can be Murder
By Victoria Pade

Dell, 1999. Pbk.

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Jimi Plain has been through the divorce wars, and tries to help others get through them too by assisting psychologist/nun Audrey Martin with her divorce recovery sessions. One of the members of the latest group is Linda Kraner, Jimiís neighbor and best friend.

When another member, a sleazy, womanizing tax accountant, is murdered, evidence is uncovered which casts suspicion on several participants. Jimi, already burdened with the problems of trying to keep the peace in a household including her opinionated grandmother, two rebellious teenage daughters, and a police detective cousin, tries to stay out of it, but when Linda, increasingly depressed and unstable, is implicated in a second murder, she has to step in.

Jimi learns that everyone in the group has something to hide. At least one of them is willing commit murder to protect their secret.

Padeís depiction of the various kinds of craziness divorce can bring rings true. Although the underlying connections between the group members seems contrived and strains belief, the surprise ending is interesting and unexpected.

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