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By M.C. Beaton

Warner, July 2005 ($6.50)
ISBN: 0-446-61472-6

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Constable Hamish Macbeth is bored; nothing seems to happen in Cnothan, where he is covering for the local constable who is on vacation. Then a man goes missing and his bones turn up in a lobster tank, picked clean. Murder isn't his only concern, as the lobsters have been shipped out to various restaurants.

As soon as Hamish starts to deal with this case his boss, Detective Chief Inspector Blair takes over, as he wants it all kept low key. However Hamish can't help poking around and eventually solves the murder, much to Blair's disgust.

I am sure seafood restaurants around Britain were not pleased when M.C. Beaton wrote this book. If nothing else, it will make you think twice, when you sit down to eat your next lobster dinner.

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