By Kylie Logan

Berkley, June, 2013 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425257753

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

This is the first book in the League of Literary Ladies mystery series. I found this book a great, amusing, and fast-paced read, and this series promises to be much more entertaining than the other series the author writes under the same penname, the Button Box Mystery series.

In this book, three neighbors who are always complaining about each other, have been court-ordered to join a book-discussion group at the local library. The first book they have to read is Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, and coincidentally, while they are reading it, a murder happens in town at the Chinese restaurant that bears the same name "The Orient Express." The members of the "League of Literary Ladies" (as they chose to be called) start investigating and find many similarities between the murder of the book they are reading and the actual incident.

The ending is unexpected and the story hooks the reader from the beginning. Each lady has their own personality very well defined, and I loved how the author devoted some time to really develop the characters and the setting. This is an excellent start to a fun, great series, which apart from delivering nice, cozy mystery stories promises to open the door to the world of classic literary works as well. I am definitely looking forward to finding what the next book in the series will be about!

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