OFF THE RECORD: LIBERTY  STONE (Collector’s Edition)

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(December, 2015)

The game player is supposed to be a journalist sniffing around for clues after becoming the prime suspect in the theft of the famous Liberty Stone, which was to be worn by the beauty pageant winner, at the beauty pageant the journalist has snagged an invitation to cover.

There is a lot going on in this game. Several of the characters have hidden agendas. And, just because you know you didn’t steal the valuable stone, doesn’t mean the police believe you or that you will be able to easily convince them of your innocence. The gamer is tasked with clearing themselves of suspicion of being the thief, finding and retrieving the stolen gem, and figuring out what is really going on.

The pacing of the game was excellent and the investigation exciting. The puzzles and HOGs were challenging but fun. I originally played a beta version of this game and liked it so much, I replayed the beta version a couple of times while waiting for the final version of the game to be released.


This is a Hidden Object/Adventure game. I consider myself to be an intermediate computer games player.

PC version – also available on Mac

Price: $19.99 USD however discounts may apply depending on the player’s account. For example, I received the game for no charge because I used some of my credits.

You can download a free sample of any game and play it for an hour before deciding if you want to purchase the entire game. I strongly recommend that you do so. There’s no sense buying a game and hating it when the Big Fish folks will let you try it for free. Also, reading comments in the forum area (each game has one) can also give you an idea about what other players think of the game.

This game is from Eipix. I usually enjoy their games. Good graphics, decent story line. Interesting puzzles and HOGs (Hidden Object Games).

Game System Requirements:

OS: windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 725 MB

Big Fish Games App System Requirements:

Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later


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