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By Jeremiah Healy

Five Star Press, 2003 ($26.95)
ISBN: 0786254386

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Jerry Healy is best known for his PI character, John Francis Cuddy. In the collection, OFF-SEASON AND OTHER STORIES, Five Star Press has assembled an array of tales that are unique in their own right. The title story, "Off-Season," is an original novella about a premier American homicide cop who tries to help out the local constabulary on an island getaway. The short story, "Next Season" is far different than most of Healy’s stories---to me it was more of a suspense or macabre story you’d expect from a horror author. However, it has the wry wit and twists that are hallmarks of Jerry’s writing. The fact that these stories are populated with characters outside of the Cuddy series, it seems that the author was able to surprise the reader more often. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am waiting, just like most of his other fans, for the next Cuddy novel or short story (we‘re waiting Jerry!). However, in these tales where the reader doesn’t know the characters there are more surprises, like the odd twist in "The Safest Little Town in Texas."

If you are a Jeremiah Healy fan, then you will want to pick up a copy of OFF-SEASON AND OTHER STORIES.

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