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By Arlaine Rockey

Published by Xlibris Corporation
ISBN# Hardcover 0-7388-0351-0
ISBN# Softcover 0-7388-0352-9 (294 pages)

Reviewed by Cathy Gladstone

Because of its readability, OCEAN COURT is the type of book that belongs in everyone's tote bag, especially if you're on a cruise, or just lazing about, on a beach. Even though it's classified as a legal thriller, you don't have to be a lawyer to read it.

OCEAN COURT is an enjoyable puzzle, with many twists and turns and fascinating modern-day characters, that lead the way to a satisfying conclusion.

It's the type of book you can read in short gulps, but there's only one problem. Once you start, you won't want to put it down. The suspense and fast pace keep you turning the pages, only to find another twist in the plot, that makes you want to read more.

The setting starts in the Miami area, with a group of diversified characters who work for MLA, except for the homeless man whose body is dragged from the Miami River.

For some reason, the homeless man had a business card in his pocket, belonging to Jonathan Britton, a worker for MLA. When Jonathan starts asking questions about the dead man and why he had his business card in his pocket when he was dragged from the river, Jonathan soon ends up a corpse as well.

Avery Guerin, Jonathan's girlfriend, is devastated when she learns of Jonathan's murder. Being a member of the MLA and having a legal mind, she decides to start an investigation into her boyfriend's murder, even though she is warned it might be dangerous and she should stay out of it.

Avery and Stuart, her law-school intern, become lovers and work together at finding clues. The suspense mounts as danger lurks around every corner until there is a showdown with Alex who tries to murder Avery. Avery had always thought how lucky Jonathan was to have Alex as a friend but now understands that there was a secret between Alex and Jonathan.

Just when you think you have it solved, another twist pops up to keep you reading. The mystery is far from solved, yet. Why was the homeless man killed and what connection did he have with Jonathan? Who murdered Jonathan? Why is Alex, a friend of the murdered Jonathan, trying to kill Avery? Will Avery be the next victim? Are the other MLA workers friends or foes? Will Stuart and Avery get married or is he an enemy as well? The answers will surprise you, in a very satisfying way. Better run out and buy this book now, while the supplies last. Because it's so good, you will want to buy extra copies to give away as gifts, not only for holiday giving but even for the perfect hostess in place of a bottle of wine.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the suspense that kept me turning the pages, the interesting dialogue that moves the plot at a fast clip and the bits and pieces of legal jargon that make it interesting but do not interrupt the read.

I will definitely be on the outlook for more books by this refreshing, modern day author, Arlaine Rockey, a law graduate.

An excellent book by an excellent author. I would recommend OCEAN COURT for both adult males and females who are contemporary type people.

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