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THE MOTHER'S DAY MURDER: A Christine Bennett Mystery
By Lee Harris

Fawcett Books, April, 2000 (257 pages) pbk.

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

Former nun Christine Bennett, comfortably settled into her surburban home with her husband, policeman Jack and toddler Eddie, is surprised when she answers her door to find a distraught young woman wearing the habit of her former convent, St. Stephen's.

She is stunned when the girl tells her that she is the illegitimate daughter of Christine's close friend and mentor, Sister Joseph. She is certain this can't be true, but Tina has compelling evidence that there is some link between her birth and the Superior of St. Stephen's.

Christine starts digging into convent history to find out just what the link is, stirring up long-hidden secrets of more than one of its members.

Things get even more muddled when the girl is found murdered. Sister Joseph becomes the prime suspect, and Christine must solve the mystery to clear her dear friend's name.

This is an enjoyable cozy, with a likable and believable series protagonist.

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