New Tricks #12 (2016)


Produced by: Wall to Wall Television.

Created by: Roy Mitchell and Nigel McCrery.

Directors: Julian Simpson, Brian Grant, Daikin Marsh, Sarah O’Gorman, David Innes Edwards.

Writers: Julian Simpson, Paul Farrell, Danielle James, Rachel New, Marston Bloom, Tahsin Guner, Chris Murray, and Roy Mitchell (creator).

Cast: Larry Lamb, Denis Lawson, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Tamzin Outhwaite, Dennis Waterman, Anthony Calf…

Runtime: aprox. one hour each episode

Genres: Modern British TV Crime drama (on-going series)


Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(May, 2016)


Another cast change is in order but it hardly matters because the series is ending with this final batch of 10 episodes. Dennis Waterman (Gerry Standing) is leaving the series after the two-part opener, though one episode would have been quite enough to round out his days. Larry Lamb is joining the cast as another slightly eccentric retired ex-cop. Unfortunately, the series still suffers from the same problems it did in a long string of previous episodes; the cases under investigation are uninteresting or very similar to previously solved cases.  The suspects and victims generate little to no sympathy or empathy from the viewer(s). The UCOS squad actors seem to be merely walking through the streets of London spouting their lines as written, without even the pretext of being involved in their character’s portrayal. They collectively look and sound bored. Despite attempts to inject new life into the series, the dynamics has shifted. Frankly, though it sounds harsh to say, I, for one, will not miss them when they’re gone. With the complete DVD series lined up on a shelf in my entertainment cabinet, I can re-watch the better episodes, from the early days, when Sandra and her boys were at their peak any time I want.

Might I suggest renting and viewing Series #12 before you plunk down the cash to purchase the series?


There are 10 episodes in Series #12.

“Last Man Standing: Part One” – Gerry goes a bit rogue when he is implicated in the murder of his first boss in CID.  The discovery of the decomposed body puts an end to speculation that he had been missing for these past 30 years. Gerry suspects two dirty cops from the old squad at the time. They claim to suspect Gerry.

 “Last Man Standing: Part Two” – mounting “evidence” continues to implicate Gerry in the murder of his former boss, Martin Ackroyd, from 30 years ago.  Gerry is desperately searching for an honest cop from that time period and accepts the assistance of one of career criminals he knows.

“The Curate’s Egg” – Ted Case (Larry Lamb) joins UCOS as Gerry’s eventual replacement. The murder of a vicar is re-examined. He had a bi-racial marriage and was receiving racist hate mail at the time of his death. While the widow tries to implicate the vicar’s curate, Wendy, and the white supremacist writer of the hate mail is identified, Ted suspects the motive for the murder is more complex than illicit sex or racism.

“The Wolf of Wallbrook” – In 1989, the death of a young stock trader was thought to be a suicide. However, new evidence indicates he was pushed from the rooftop where he worked.

“Prodigal Sons” – When a deceased pathologist’s findings are discredited, the father of a cricketer whose death was ruled a suicide insists the case be re-opened and a verdict of murder be the new verdict.

“The Fame Game” – Celebrity look-alikes found dead years before were thought to have had a suicide pact. A newly discovered cell phone alludes to a secret lover so the case begins to look more like a murder/suicide as the UCOS team reinvestigates.

“The Russian Cousin” – The death of a private investigator in his office in 2011 was thought to be the result of a botched burglary. A private notebook written in code is presented to the UCOS team. They soon discover that one of the cases the investigator was working on, the theft of a rare stamp known as the Russian Cousin, may be the key to his death.

“Lottery Curse” – The skeleton is unearthed of a woman who disappeared 17 years ago after her pub quiz team won a sizeable lottery. The discovery leads UCOS to suspect the surviving quiz team members of her murder.

“Life Expectancy” – The UCOS team reinvestigates the death of an alternative healthcare practitioner who was murdered in 2008 when the murder weapon is discovered in a graveyard.

“The Crazy Gang” – A mental health care activist was murdered on New Year’s Eve, 1999. Now the discovery of his diary leads the team to believe he may have been silenced by a pharmaceutical company whose drug he was protesting or by the head of a rival mental health charity.

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