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NOW THIS: A May Morrison Mystery
By Nancy Star

Pocket Books, June, 1999 Hardcover, 352 pages. $24.00

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

A quiet, timid librarian "goes postal" in the library, scaring small children and panicking their mothers, then calmly walks in front of a train. Her nephew first calls, then shows up in May Morrison's New York office, demanding to know why his aunt was booked and dropped from an upcoming show. The problem is, May has never heard of the woman.

May has won a small concession from the new producer of the "Paula Live" talk show and now works part of the time from her Connecticut home, giving her more time with her two small daughters. She also has more time to get to know her neighbors and spend more time with her suburban housewife friends.

Strange things start happening which mirror what happened to the librarian, and May gets drawn into finding out what's going on. To add to the fun, she and single father Paul O'Donnell, the police detective who once considered her a murder suspect, have become an item, and their evolving relationship adds a nice subplot.

I very much enjoy Ms. Star's books and highly recommend them to fans of the cozy.

This is the second book in the series featuring May Morrison. The first book was UP NEXT.

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