By Nancy Pickard

Ballantine Books, 2011 ($15.00)

ISBN-13: 978-0345471024

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Jody Linder is notified that Billy Crosby, the man convicted for her father's murder and the disappearance of her mother, has been released from prison after 26 years. All the people in town and her own family are determined not to let him stay in town and send him back to prison at the first mistake. Still, Jody has listened to some people saying that Crosby could not have been the killer since that night he had been too drunk to even get out of his house. As doubts start to arise in Jody's mind, she is determined to seek the truth.

This is a thrilling story that keeps you reading till the end to find the truth. I think the concept is great, unfortunately the ending — although unexpectedly surprising — could have been crafted better because it is a little bit abrupt, like there were no clues throughout the story that would lead you into thinking the killer could have been the one who was revealed in the end (and I can't give further details without revealing spoilers, you will have to read the book to see what I mean!!) Still, a gripping mystery for suspense lovers!

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