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By Mary Higgins Clark

Simon and Schuster, April 5th, 2005
ISBN: 0-7432-6489-4

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Once again Mary Higgins Clark seals her title as "reigning Queen of Suspense." In her newest release, NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Celia Foster seems to have finally overcome the horrors in her past to live the life she so richly deserves.

At the age of 10, Celia accidentally shot and killed her mother while trying to protect her from an abusive stepfather. During the trial, Celia then known as Liza was dubbed, "Little Lizzie Borden" after the girl of past stories who had axed her parents to death. After being acquitted she is adopted by distant relatives who change her name and try to give her a good life.

Now it is 24 years later and Liza has been married, born a sonand been widowed. She has recently been remarried and her new husband gives her the ultimate wedding present, a new home.

Imagine Celia's shock whenher new home turns out to be the home at One Mill Lane, where she once lived and killed her mother.

As Celia struggles to keep her secret someone seems to be determined to bring all Celia's secrets into an ugly light. She is greeted to her new home with a sign carved into the grass and on her front door and soon murdered bodies begin to surface.

Once again Mary Higgins Clark grabs hold of the reins and takes the reader in a spine tingling, guess a minutes ride. This author never seems to disappoint.

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