By Sidney Sheldon

Grand Central Publishing, August 1985 ($8.00)
ISBN-13: 978-0446341912
Format: Paperback

Kindle Format ($6.99)

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez
(May, 2014)

Two people close to psychoanalyst Dr. Stevens have just been murdered: one is a patient of his, and the other is his receptionist. Naturally, he is now suspected of the crimes since the only apparent connection between the victims is him. He tries to convince the police that both victims are connected to him because actually it is he who is the killer's intended victim and the two people who have died were just collateral damage, but his persuasive abilities don't seem to be working this time.

This book is a quick read, and the ending is good. However, I think the author went a little over the edge by involving even the Mafia and actually beating them! Still, lots of action and enough twists to make this book a fast page-turner.

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