By Saralyn Richard


Publisher: Black Opal Books (February, 2018)
Format:  Trade paperback
Price: ???
ISBN-13: 978-1-626947719

Kindle edition: $3.99

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(February, 2018)


Detective Oliver Parrott takes charge of a murder case where there may be more people with motives to kill the victim than people without.

The morning after a weekend birthday party at his country estate, wealthy former Secretary of the Treasury, Preston Phillips is found dead. Murdered. There are a plethora of likely suspects. All of the house guests, for a start. Detective Parrott needs to sort through the motives, and the alibis, and zero in on the killer or killers.

MURDER IN THE ONE PERCENT is a quick, fun read. It reminded me of a game of “Clue” or a zany British-style country house murder mystery – only with idle, rich Americans instead of stuffy upper crust Brits.

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