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A Casey Jones Mystery
By Katy Munger

Twilight, July 1999, $5.99
ISBN: 0-380-80063-2

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Casey Jones is a tough, young female private investigator, in Durham, North Carolina. Casey is not your typical private investigator. Her friends describe her as bigger than life, in more ways than one. She is blonde (today), lifts weights, and drives an old classic Porsche that needs a little work.

When an up-and-coming young tobacco researcher begins receiving threats he hires Casey as a bodyguard. Casey feels nothing could be easier. Twelve hours later her client is dead and Casey is hip deep in a mystery that she feels she must solve.

Her search for the killer takes her from boardrooms to tobacco farms. From debutante balls to drag bars. She must hobnob with Durham's wealthy elite and also its seamy side.

Katy Munger has developed a character much like Janet Evanovich's, Stephanie Plum but with a bit more grit. She also brings to her book the locale of North Carolina that really rings true. Her descriptions of the areas often had me smelling new mown hay and listening for the katydids.

With the Casey Jones series, Katy Munger has given me a new southern series to look forward to.

Other books in this series include: LEG WORK (1997) and OUT OF TIME (1998).

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