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October, 2019


An updated version of “Forensic Files,” called “Forensic Files II,” is set to premiere in February, 2020 on HLN with 16 new episodes.

“‘Forensic Files’ is the most recognized, celebrated and imitated series within its genre,” Ken Jautz, executive vice president of CNN, said in a statement. “After more than 20 years, it’s amazing that one of the earliest crime docu-series still boasts the most loyal viewers and fan base.”

HLN has been airing the “Forensic Files” library in repeats since the program ceased production in 2011.

“Forensic Files II” will feature new cases, but the format and title music will remain the same. A new narrator will be announced since the original series narrator, Peter Thomas, died in 2016.

HLN will begin airing the "Best of Forensic Files" on weeknights. The 16 new episodes will debut starting in February.

(posted 9 October, 2019)

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