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By Michele Martinez

William Morrow, February 15th, 2005
ISBN: 006072398X

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Melanie Vargas is a beautiful, young, Latino woman with a six-month-old daughter, a cheating husband and a job as aprosecutor for the New York City attorneys office.

Quite by accident Melaniestumbles on the case of her career, a few blocks from her home. She sees a house on fire where she soon discovers that a former prosecutor has been found dead, a bullet to the head and vicious dog bites covering his body.

After managing to get the case assigned to her, Melanie finds herself working with a handsome FBI agent for whom she feels a instant attraction. The clues they follow seem to lead directly to a vicious street gang and witnesses are brutally murdered on a daily basis.

Between trying to be a good mother, dealing with a cheating husband who wants to reconcile and her growing feelings for the FBI agent Melanie finds that she must also fight to stay alive.

As always I really enjoy a book with a strong female character. The fact that this character was also a minority and had other faults andflaws only made the story more real.

The storyline was intriguing with enough suspense to carry it along. I am not a fan of romantic suspense inmysteries but Ms. Martinez handled it well in this case and it added to the storyline.

Michele Martinez is a graduate of Harvard University and Stanford University. She worked for a Massachusetts law firm before serving 8 years as a federal prosecutor. Lucky for the readers she decided to become an author.

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