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A Faith Fairchild mystery
By Katherine Hall Page

William Morrow, 2001

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

When party planner and pain-in-the neck Paula Pringle asks Faith Fairchild to cater a dinner commemorating the 250th anniversary of the First Parish Church of Aleford, Massachusetts, she naturally agrees. Her husband, after all, is the minister, and her catering firm, Have Faith, is the best in town. She has worked hard to make it so, and to settle fully into the small town life which was once so alien to this refugee from the Big Apple.

She has plenty to do in her multiple roles as wife, mother of two small children, and businesswoman. Her husband Tom is also going at full tilt, with the approaching holidays adding to his already full schedule. In fact, it seems that they hardly see each other, and rarely have time to just sit and talk. Is it just her imagination, or has her beloved husband become more distant, even secretive? She tries to push these thoughts aside as she plans the big affair, which will take place in a local historic home.

Finally, the big night arrives. The theme is murder, and several local mystery writers are in attendance to keep the fun going. All is well until one of the guests falls face down in the dessert and dies for real. Faith soon finds herself in need of an attorney. She certainly had the means and opportunity; local gossip suggests she may have had a motive as well, as the beautiful young victim had been seen in the company of none other than the good Reverend Fairchild. Faith, no novice to crime-solving, must solve this one to save her business, her marriage, and her own life.

I am a fan of this series, and find that Page gets better with each installment. A good read for all cozy fans.

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