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By Lee Goldberg

A Signet Book, July, 2006 ($6.99)
ISBN: 0-451-21900-7

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Adrian Monk has a knack for solving murders, but is not your average crime fighter. In fact, Monk is anything but normal, as he has a compulsive disorder, in that he has an aversion to dirt, among other things. He is no longer a member of the police force, but is often called in to consult on difficult cases.

As his disorder is a major obstacle in every day life, he has an assistant named Natalie to help him cope. However, even assistants need vacations and natalie feels her time is well over due. She sets off for Hawaii in order to see a friend married and get some well deserved R & R. To her horror Mr. Monk appears on the plane, and that is just the beginning of her nightmare.

Normally Monk wouldn't even consider visiting an airport, let alone taking a flight. However, the thought of being without his assistant for two weeks was much more than he could bear. Monk takes some relaxation pills that his doctor prescribed for him after his wife died. Unfortunately the pills do more than relax, they transform. Monk goes from being straight-laced to lounge lizard. Boy that's some drug!

Trouble seems to follow Monk, or visa versa, as Natalie and he are not in Hawaii long, when Monk gets involved in a murder investigation.

Although some sections of this book are a little unbelievable, the story is entertaining to read.

Edcom: There are two more books currently scheduled in the Mr. Monk series, due to be published in 2007. MR. MONK AND THE BLUE FLU is scheduled for release in paperback, January 2, 2007 and may be pre-ordered now at MR. MONK AND THE TWO ASSISTANTS is scheduled for publication in hardcover, to be released in July, 2007.

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