A Special Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery

By Kate Kingsbury

Berkley; November, 2010 ($14.00)

ISBN-13: 978-0425236901

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez
(February, 20914)

Everyone seems to know that at the Pennyfoot Hotel, someone dies every Christmas and not really from natural causes. This year, however, everybody hopes that the "Christmas Curse" proves to be rather a myth than a reality. To everyone's disappointment, however, this year is not an exception.

It all starts when a footman is found dead and after that, other people suffer the same fate. Everyone thinks this must be the deed of a serial killer, but Cecily Baxter, the Pennyfoot Hotel's manager, is determined to prove otherwise because she just doesn't want to think that a serial killer is sleeping in one of her rooms!

The story hooked me, and the characters are lovable. Being my first encounter with the Pennyfoot Hotel, I need to say I was left wanting more. However, in my opinion, I sometimes had the feeling that there were a few more deaths than necessary. Actually, if there are enough murders as to have people blame them on a serial killer, maybe the mystery is not so cozy as it was supposed to be! Still, I highly recommend this series, and the seasonal touch is quite a bonus.

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