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By Michael Cox

W.W. Norton & Company, 2006 ($25.95)

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

A mystery set in the mid eighteen hundreds with footnotes that reference actual people and events of the time period. The historical information in this book is excellent.

Edward Glyver has decided that he wants to kill his rival, but he's not sure he can kill another human being. To prove to himself that he can take a life, he picks a victim at random, and murders him. Now that he knows he is capable of murder, he sets his plan in motion to kill his intended target.

The first and last segments of this story are alluring. The middle portion of the book, the background of the murderer, as to why he wants to kill, is a little too drawn out, for my liking! On the other hand, if you like detailed information on your characters, you will enjoy this book.

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